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Your driveway is the first thing people see when they look at your house. Your driveway and sidewalk take heavy abuse and can become an eyesore. Due to the heavy traffic on your driveway and sidewalk, it can expedite the growth of ugly stains which can lead to damage. When it comes to concrete or any other material there is a sweet spot on the pressure to get it cleaned correctly. Too much pressure or heat can damage the material and too little will lead to a substandard cleaning. We know that sweet spot. You may see your neighbor’s house with dirt lines from the contractor trying to clean too fast or extra bright lines from them not cleaning it right. Make sure if someone cleans your driveway and/or sidewalk they know what they are doing. To get started and receive your high-quality pressure washing services simply click the quote request button. Learn more about Southern Coast Power Washing

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Here at Southern Coast Power Washing we are able to remove any stain you have, from dirt, rust, fertilizer or even the most stubborn chewing gum stains. Coldwater works on some stains but on others it will not be enough to get the stains up all the way, so we also have the capability to remove stains with hot water.

Pressure to clean the driveway is needed, unlike the home, and can be very dangerous. It is not recommended for an untrained professional to perform the work, they could damage the property or even worse harm themselves or someone else. Here at Southern Coast Power Washing we keep up with the all the knowledge and current processes to make sure we provide the best service to all our customers in the safest way possible. 

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