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Living at the beach is great but with the hot, humid weather your house can get mighty dirty. We recommend having us clean your house whether it is Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isle, or even Wilmington, we have you covered. We can set you up with a yearly cleaning plan that can remove the worries of finding someone to clean your home to keep the appearance in tip-top shape, and also help prevent any damage to your home from the growth of mildew or dirt. To get started and receive your high-quality pressure washing services simply click the quote request button. Discover facts about Southern Coast Power Washing

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Tired of the dirt, grime, mildew and mold covering the side of your house at Southern Coast Power Washing we use a safe and effective way to remove all that nastiness without damaging the most expensive thing you own…. YOUR HOME

We keep up with our knowledge by taking classes and courses. This is why we “SOFT WASH” houses, we use the amount of pressure that is safe enough to wash your hands. If someone tries to sell you on needing pressure to clean your home that should be a red flag. With pressure being used they can force water up and behind your siding, break seals in your windows, or even force water into your home. All that water getting into places that it’s not meant to be can cause serious and expensive damage down the road. So that extra $40 you saved getting your home cleaned the wrong way didn’t really save you any money. So, give us a call today and we can get you on the books to get the safest and most effective house washing!

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